Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

By 12:00

When the weather starts to get colder one of my all time favourite things to do is cuddle up with a blanket whilst watching a movie/TV series whilst also drinking hot chocolate.

 So today's post is going to be an Autumn inspired Hot Chocolate!

What you need
Whipped Cream
2oz Dark Chocolate
1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
8oz milk chocolate
1/4tsp lemon juice 
4 1/2 cups milk
What to do...
Start by mixing the lemon juice and granulated sugar together until the sugar has a damp consistency

 Melt the sugar in a pre-heated pan and stir until it's dark brown in colour

 Continue to stir and add in the milk. Continue to stir until the milk is hot, by now you should have a smooth liquid as the caramel should have melted.

Once the milk is simmering remove the pan from the heat, it is important not to let the milk boil!

 Add the chocolate to the pan and mix until all chocolate is melted and the liquid has a smooth texture. Add salt to the liquid depending on personal taste.

 Pour into a glass or mug and serve

Serve with whipped cream if desired

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